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Green Ideas for Your Home

Style gurus will tell you some colours are in while others are out. But green is the colour of every season! Why? Because green is about nature, splendour and about making your interiors look refreshing, more than anything else. The best way of going green is to get the outdoors in. With potted plants and flower beds all around, you can bring the glory of green in your sweet abode. Here are some green ideas for your home!

Stylish Wall Planters

Take the style quotient of your home one notch up by going with voguish wall planters. In fact these aesthetic ones can make for great work of art. Wanna make a green feature wall, what better idea than wall planters. Balconies, veranda, living room and dining area – you can have them anywhere and everywhere including bathrooms.


Design Statement Piece

Make a stunning design statement with one eye-catching piece in the room. You can either have it in the corner or next to a couch. The idea is to make it a focal point.


Dine with Blossoming Plants

In the company of good food and your loved ones, you can have these blossoming flowers and plants right on the table to make your dining time an uplifting moment.


Theme Inspiration

Sometimes, plants become more than décor addons. You may want to make them a decor inspiration, driving the colours and the theme around.


5 Uplifting Plants for Your Home

The list of plants suitable for home décor is a massive one. You must do some good homework on ideal lighting and weather conditions and soil moisture requirement before choosing one. Here is a pick of five uplifting plants.



Plants of the palm family are easy to grow, uplifting in view and natural air purifiers.


Peace Lilies

If you love flowers, peace lily is for you. These grow in the shade but are ideal for temperatures below 13 degrees C.



With their feathery leaves, ferns are some of the most fascinating indoor plants that help get rid of some air pollutants.



The golden, heart-shaped leaves can survive in lower light and colder temperatures. It rids the air of carbon monoxide and formaldehyde.


Spider plants

Another visually attractive plant for home décor is the spider plant. It does well in evenly moist soil and bright or medium lighting conditions.