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Living Comfort

Living Comfort

Living Comfort

It’s that room in your home where you spend most of the time. Lazing and watching TV, snacking on the
couch, last-minute rush to complete homework or juggling between laptop and mobile phone. This is the only room where you can see a convergence of a whole lot of activities such as work, leisure, entertainment, hobby time and dining. It’s your living room. This only goes to show how important it is
to make the living room comfortable and welcoming for the entire family. A guide to how one can do so.

Understanding the Make of the Room

Understanding your living room is the most workable way of making your living area comfortable. Buying a long sofa for a not-so- big living and somehow trying to squeeze it in is a big no. Understand the
architecture of the room and give a thought to what fits and what doesn’t fit in well. The built-ins give you a clue as to how you could go about. The natural length and breadth of the room cues you to the kind of furniture you should opt for.

Pass Through Opening with Kitchen

A pass through opening between living area and kitchen brings in a fascinating look and feel to the
home. When planning your home or renting an apartment, it is a great idea to go for a pass through
opening between living room and kitchen. Not only does this offer convenience but makes the space
open up with in a lively manner.

Comfy & Relaxed for the Family

Let there be comfortable furniture and soothing hues around to enjoy a comfy and relaxed feel. Living
room is where we like to take it easy but engage in some activity as a family.

Angular Arrangements

An angular arrangement of the furniture lends an interesting edge to the living room. This kind of
arrangement also has the advantage of making the seating arrangement more convenient and interactive.

Hobby Space

It is also a good idea to design the living room to make it friendly enough to engage in one’s hobbies.
This could be a bookshelf for reading, table for writing, an easel for painting and so on. Tables can also be arranged for a freehand at small coffee table puzzles, indoor games and magazines.

Get Inspired by Nature

There are different ways of drawing inspiration from nature. One is to look for natural source of light or greenery and do up the place by making them the focal points. The other way is to bring the feel of
nature in little ways such as earthy tones, stone and marble touch and using furniture made with natural material.

Paintings and sofas

Mysterious Furnishing & Lighting – Scorpio

Passionate, loyal and obsessive, the Scorpion is very secretive and always observing behind their
withdrawn manner.
Rich browns, maroon, burgundy and black are your ‘desirable’ colours. You will love to have
dynamic-looking contemporary furniture with geometric shapes and patters. Scorpios love to spend
more time in study room or work studios so it makes sense to pay more heed to these spaces. Glass
lamps and chandeliers are a good choice for Scorpio homes because lighting matters to you. The
sense of touch is an essential stimulant to you so splurge in velvet fabric for sofas, thick carpets with
mysterious patterns and metallic furniture with textured surface.

Spacious Interiors – Sagittarius
Although Sagittarians make loyal friends and lovers, they refuse to be tied down in commitment
while chasing philosophical pursuits. A world traveller, Sagittarius is a born entertainer.
Your nomadic instincts can be calmed down with a spacious home that has a rooftop or an outdoor
with a panoramic view. A showcase or a feature wall to display the memories of your travels and
adventure is your best bet. With your flair for literature and learning new languages, you may well
wanna boast a well-designed bookshelf. Pick any colour from the sunset palette for your living room
and bedroom. Electronics are a turn on for archer. Keep changing the décor and furnishings of your
living room regularly to break the monotony.

Classy & Stable Furniture – Capricorn

This philosophical sign is highly intelligent and practical. You strive to maintain stability and order
besides achieving your goals by purposeful, systematic means.
You prefer firm couches and sturdy table that look stylish and artistic. Consider creating a chic work
space in the living room to satisfy the resourceful, hard-working, persistent goat in you. The
spectrum of hues suitable for your personality ranges from earthy tones such as classy blue to
brown; burgundy, gold to rust-orange. You take pride in your house but don’t show off.
Flamboyance is not for you.

Artistic, Bohemian & Spiritual – Aquarius

Simple and unassuming, the Aquarians achieve their goals in surprisingly effective way. Aquarians
will take up any cause, and are humanitarians of the zodiac. They are often quite artistic and poetic.

Your living room houses all your gadgets and gizmos. You may want to flaunt a piece of abstract
painting on one of your walls. Glass and plastic material, mini water fountains, foldable furniture and
multifunctional couches tend to delight Aquarians. Light and iridescent shades of violet are your best
bet for furnishing. For your spiritual bent of mind, you may consider designing a corner for inner

Elegant & Aesthetic Furnishing – Pisces

Pisceans prefer to keep an extremely low profile compared to others in the zodiac. They are honest,
selfless and trustworthy. They express divine in fine arts, music or dance. This star sign is gentle and
You feel at home with iridescent shades, moss green, pearly hues, pure pink, sky blue and ocean
green. Bright and audacious is not for Pisces. You love to have cosy and clean homes designed with
elegant furniture. You may want to have some shelves, storage units, a table around so the clutter
goes in. Your home is all about aesthetics. Exquisite rugs, brocade curtains and cosy sofas are sure to
comfort you. Many of you may fancy luxurious bathroom, so it makes sense to design a beautiful
bathtub, if the size of your bathroom allows you to do so.