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5 Things To Make An Ordinary Guest Room Look Great

5 Things To Make An Ordinary Guest Room Look Great

A Welcoming Stay for Guests

The good old Sanskrit verse ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ (The guest is equivalent to God), is the most obvious reference we love to make when talking of host-guest relationship in India. With Bollywood’s Mr Perfection aka Aamir Khan becoming the face of the campaign by Ministry of Tourism, the verse has now become our favorite catchphrase. Having guests at home is a welcome change from the monotony of daily lives. Whether they are friends, extended family or relatives, guests at home bring joy and sharing. And as hosts, we are responsible for their needs and comfort. No matter how small or big the guest room is, one must try and make best efforts to create a cozy space for guests to stay. Here’s a guide to how you can make your guests feel at home when they are putting up at your place.


A Vivid Visual Treat

Bright and bold is the mantra to make the guest room a visual treat. From bedding and wall décor to upholstery and flooring, go for bold designs in vivid hues. In small homes, smart use of space is very important to opening up the room. Choose brighter colors instead of deeper ones, especially in small rooms. Floral patterns have a pleasant feel and so do pastel hues. A pastel color theme is a good idea for guest room.


A Simple yet Comfortable Guest Room

What do you do when you want to give the best of comforts to your guests, but your budget is limited? Well, think simple! When one is away from home, one doesn’t expect luxury but the least one craves for a good night’s sleep. Dedicate your budget towards a comfortable bedding, light and temperature management so your guests have a sound sleep. Examine the room for any undesirable sound/light sources that may be a cause of discomfort.


Vintage Look

Pamper your guests with a vintage treat if you can spend a little liberally on the décor of the room. A canopy bed and classy wallpaper will add a great deal of charm. Consider hanging a chandelier and buying antique looking furniture. If you are designing your own home, you could look at different possibilities such as slanting roofs and interesting window views.


Earthy & Elegant

Warm up the room with cozy feel. A bunch of flowers or a potted plant will lend a refreshing look to the space. Pick hues that are warm and cozy. If the room has a window, breezy curtains will bring in added appeal.


Contemporary Charm

High on style quotient, your chic contemporary guest rooms can be designed with modish elements. Sleek side tables, innovative design ideas, classy quilts and linen will make your guest room a delight to dwell. A bowl of chocolates and cookies and some magazines on the side tables of bed adds a personalized touch of warmth.