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Kitchen Islands

Kitchen Islands

The Island in Your Kitchen

“Make an island of yourself, make yourself your refuge; there is no other refuge…” These verses from the Buddhist scripture Digha Nikaya is a spiritual call for building an island of truth. But for many mortal souls like you and me, our domestic calling is more imminent than anything else. So, the kitchen being the nerve-centre of our daily domesticity, why not build a Kitchen Island of utility, beauty and inspiration right here. Check out some of these creative island ideas for your hearth. After all, home is where the hearth is!

Use Your Good Ol’ Table As Kitchen Island

You have long cherished the heirloom mahogany table, which has stood the test of time and has been bequeathed to you from generations. But today it is not more than an abandoned reminder in the corner of your utility area. Why not give this poor thing a new lease of life! Tables make for perfect Kitchen Island by virtue of their simple design. Moreover, with an heirloom piece in your kitchen, you have a vintage look to your hearth quite instantly. The best thing about a table is it’s portable and can be moved around the kitchen to be used as a work station.

Storage Space

Sensuous, practical and efficient, the bull has a distinctly unbending stamina and will. Although stubborn by nature, you are very patient loving, sympathetic and selfless with those who win your trust, which is not easy at all. The down-to-earth Taurus is naturally drawn towards earthy browns, greens, blues and yellows. Simple spaces laced with rich and deep colors are your kind. Music soothes your sense, so you may want to make some provision for sound system in your cozy corner. Furniture made with organic woods and green plants in different colored pots will be the perfect way to comfort the bull in you!

Wine & Dine

Let’s go back to roots! The culture of dining in kitchen is nothing new to Indians. It’s been a part of our tradition since ages. Those were the times we dined on the floor and these are the times we wine and dine at the Island. Consider a 4 – 6 seater, depending on your requirement, and make a cozy dining space.

Make the Best of Built-Ins

Many contemporary kitchens today come with a built-in design. Why not make the best of it?! With bistro-styled seating, chic counter tops and some storage cabinets, you have a multipurpose space neatly designed in your kitchen.

Make It Your Bookshelf

For book lovers who have a massive collection that is too large for a bookshelf, here’s an idea you may wanna grab. Why not design a bookshelf in your island to accommodate the spill over. For those of you who can get on with reading anywhere and everywhere, it’s a perfect way to nurture your passion no matter where you are.
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