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Dining Area

“What’s on my plate today?” We get excited every time there is something special for lunch or dinner. Feasting with family and friends over dining table is time for fun, sharing and togetherness. Dining area brings the entire family together no matter how busy everyone is. Smiles, banter, chitchat and laughter, the dining area has all the spices and ingredients that make for pleasant family time. A well-designed dining area enhances the experience of this togetherness. While some homes have a separate area for dining, others have living room-cum- dining area. Let’s try and make the dining area a lively place bustling with beauty and aesthetics.

Choosing a Strategic Spot

Choosing a dining area can be tricky at times. You want it all in one. A place closer to kitchen; one that doesn’t come in the way of connecting adjacent rooms; one that is well lit… Basically we want a room/area that blends in aesthetics and utility. Choose a strategic spot that does so. Setting a dining table adjacent to a large window dressed up with interesting patterned shades will enhance the ‘wow factor’ of your home.


Frills on Table

Yes, the biggest attraction on the dining table is the culinary spread. But a well designed dining area is not just a feast to your taste buds but a feast to the eyes as well. An oversized candelabra, a lovely vase with a bunch of gorgeous flowers and other elements of décor on the dining table make dining a special treat.


Interesting Backdrop

Let the dining table get an interesting background or adjacent wall. Accented wallpaper, vivid paints, exposed brick effect or an eye-catching feature wall – make a chic and swish style statement in your dining.


Setting the Mood

Create a French resplendence around or let there be British affluence around in the theme of your dining area. A dining table and chairs, cupboard and mirror of the same theme will pull the place together. The type of dining table you choose depends on the look you want to exude. For a formal look, go for a rectangular table. A round one creates an informal look.


Extra Seating on Sides

While chairs accompanying dining table are the primary seating arrangements in the area, you can create extra seating with sofas and chairs. By doing so you will be using the space more smartly and also make the dining area more comfortable.


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