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How To Make Your Bedroom A Tidy And Cozy Place

How To Make Your Bedroom A Tidy And Cozy Place

This is one room you are spending almost seven hours of your time at a stretch on a daily basis. Well folks, no prizes for guessing it’s the Bedroom! After being on your toes for the whole day, all you need to stretch out and lull yourself to sleep in night is a small comfortable space called the Bedroom. Now, it’s no secret we all tend to be a bit easy-going about our bedrooms because it’s not a high activity zone and has lower visibility unlike the living room. But come to think of it, you may want this space to be a comforting cocoon that’s peaceful, simple and tidy. Let’s take a look at how you can achieve this.

Organised & Tidy Bedroom

The first and foremost thing to a soothing retreat in home is an organized and tidy space. A messy sight of clothes everywhere and accessories lying all around is a big turn off. De-clutter the space with storage boxes so you can keep your belongings organized.


Thought for the Bed

Bedroom as the name suggests is all about that one focal point of the room – the Bed. However, you need to go beyond the temptation to just dress it up! Pick some comfy fabrics that your skin would love to be pampered with. You don’t have to restrict yourself to the ‘set’ mindset. Explore mix-n-match as long as you have a complementary color palette.


1. When purchasing bedroom furniture, you don’t have to create a matching set. Buy interesting individual pieces. Again stay within the basics: bed, nightstands, dresser, chest, and if room allows, a comfortable reading chair.


2. Whether accessorizing your chest or dresser, stick with the basic “three” rule. Use only three items to decorate with, but keep them in scale with the furniture.


3. Draperies are a must in a bedroom. Whether you do long panels, or just a window topper, select a fabric that goes well with your bedding.


4. Keep wall art simple and proportioned well. If you have a larger wall, don’t be afraid to purchase one large piece of artwork.


5. When choosing paint colors; whites, neutrals, or soft pale hues tend to create a more restful ambiance. Especially, if you are trying to incorporate romantic bedroom decorating ideas.


6. If you decide you cannot live without a TV in your bedroom, it is best to choose cabinetry that conceals it. That way you maintain a restful look in the room.
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