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Art of Display

Art of Display

Art of Showcasing

An abstract painting bought from a quaint art gallery is jostling with wall hanging handpicked from an exclusive tribal exhibition. To add to it, the memorabilia from your loved ones are all crammed for space in the showcase of your living room. Well, this is kahani ghar ghar ki (the story of every home). Many of us have an eye for the best when it comes to shopping but showcasing the same becomes a challenge, especially when you wanna show it all at the same time. We guide you through some of the ideas to showcase.

Wall of Frames

Ritu and Associates
It they have hall of fame, we have wall of frame! Make your framed works look aesthetic and tasteful by designing a scheme of frame display for your walls. One way of going about it is to put together frames of same style in different sizes and shapes. The other way of styling up your wall with frames is to go by the colour of the canvas (painting, print or any other framed art). Group together, the ones with same or similar colours.


Statement Pieces

Make a bold style statement on the wall or otherwise by displaying one statement piece that becomes the focal point. If you are confident this alone carries the look of your wall/room, you don’t need to clutter the space with too many odds, although achieving some sense of balance is important.


Of Symmetry & Balance

A symmetrical arrangement of display is an art in itself. You can create symmetry with mirrors, frames or any other artefacts. An exquisitely-framed mirror in the centre with a pair of lamps on either side for instance makes for perfect visual symmetry.
Balance is an essential factor in art and display of art. Let there be balance and harmony in the way you showcase your collection.


Get Ledges Designed

Organize your collection with shelves and ledges. These can also help you design your feature walls. From frames to ceramic places and collectibles, you have endless possibilities when it comes to a display.


Pop with Colour

Colour popping is a striking way to showcase your art. You can contrast artwork with a wall colour to highlight your display. In general, a fresh coat of paint on wall that will play as the canvas for your display also does wonders.


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