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12 Zodiac Inspirations for Your Home

12 Zodiac Inspirations for Your Home

12 Zodiac Inspirations for Your Home

“Your financial constraints will get an outburst today… You may spend the evening with a close friend or your beloved, engrossed in a stimulating conversation…” How many of you pick the newspaper every morning only to head straight to your daily horoscope for such prophesies?! Oh well, today’s internet-savvy generation doesn’t need to wait for newspapers when you have online options to “read your future” at the click of mouse. Astrology has been a guiding force, at least for some of us, who constantly seek celestial intervention in managing our day-to- day lives. But folks, do you know zodiac science has a livelier and artistic side to it! Did you ever imagine your interior decor choices speak loads about who you are; just like who you are defines the way you do up your homes!? Remember that moment when you were driven by a strong instinct to pick orange over lilac for your bay window curtains even as the sales executive tried every glib talk under the sun to convince you the latter is in vogue? Well, who knows, you were just being a true Libran to yourself!
Intruo takes a light-hearted look at how your sun sign personality may well be an inspiration for your
decor and design ideas.

Fiery & Aspiring Accents – Aries

Creative, adaptive and insightful, Aries are highly ambitious over-achievers in anything they set their eyes on. A fire sign, you are a fiery and passionate personality.
You may be tempted to invest more time, effort and money in setting up your TV unit and an exclusive media room. You’ll hear many Aries zealously narrate how painstakingly they design their media rooms. Well, that’s primarily because nothing can intrigue and inspire them like latest and sleekest gadgets and gizmos. While bright accents such as red come as a natural choice, you may want to balance it with whites and pinks to calm down the ram in you!

Earthy, Deep & Sensual Spaces – Taurus

Sensuous, practical and efficient, the bull has a distinctly unbending stamina and will. Although stubborn by nature, you are very patient loving, sympathetic and selfless with those who win your trust, which is not easy at all. The down-to- earth Taurus is naturally drawn towards earthy browns, greens, blues and yellows. Simple spaces laced with rich and deep colours are your kind. Music soothes your sense, so you may want to make some provision for sound system in your cosy corner. Furniture made with organic woods and green plants in different colored pots will be the perfect way to comfort the bull in you!

Fun & Felix Settings – Gemini

Curious, erratic and fun-loving, Geminis have a quick intellect to make them fit for endless conversations on any topic under the sun. Being an air sign, you are fond of prints and patters. You can splurge in gorgeous prints in the furnishing of your living room and bedroom. Go for light-weight and foldable furniture that gives better flexibility to match your mercurial spirit. Bohemian and urban, your home must have high-tech fittings to amaze you. A modular kitchen with peppy look is sure to delight the twins.

Soft Conversation Areas – Cancer

One of the most domesticated of all zodiacs, Cancerians value their family and loved ones. Absorbed in moods, you make for loyal and sympathetic friends and need loads of “me time”. You will love to have multilayered curtains and soft couch for your conversation spaces and cosy corners. You are the type who loves to have an accessorized home. Do up your home with candles, frilled napkins, family memorabilia and photographs. Say ‘yes’ to warm colors, even as you are
attracted by moon hues such as light pink, blue and milky white.

Interiors Exuding Power & Adventure – Leo

The lion is described as “proud, dignified, expressive, big-hearted, ambitious, passionate, and a lover of adventure and risk.”; Naturally drawn towards red, orange, and golden yellow, this fire sign loves to flaunt a larger-than-life home. With loud and bold colours in your living room, you may certainly like to have a regal place to recline in style. Fun video games and home bars are perfect stimulants for this overtly ambitious lion.

Realistic & Practical to Every Nook – Virgo

Keen and inquisitive mind combined with analytical skills – that’s Virgo for you. Skilled at drawing information from people, the Virgo has remarkable memory. Realistic and practical, they are excellent teammates to work with. Lavish and palatial mansions – not for Virgos! You are more likely to pick furniture and storage containers that set order, look tasteful and refined. Durability, reasonable price and comfort are some of the other criteria for your interiors. Warm woods and neutral hues are the best for you.

Balance of Styles & Hues – Libra

Libra is all about balance, justice and stability. You like to surround yourselves with harmony and beauty. In spite of your shy and introvert nature, your make excellent debaters. Libran homes are stylish, aesthetic, sophisticated and intellectual. You are inclined towards shades of blue. A space that perfectly balances a variety of these shades will appeal to you the most.

Mysterious Furnishing & Lighting – Scorpio

Passionate, loyal and obsessive, the Scorpion is very secretive and always observing behind their withdrawn manner. Rich browns, maroon, burgundy and black are your ‘desirable’ colors. You will love to have dynamic-looking contemporary furniture with geometric shapes and patters. Scorpios love to spend more time in study room or work studios so it makes sense to pay more heed to these spaces. Glass lamps and chandeliers are a good choice for Scorpio homes because lighting matters to you. The sense of touch is an essential stimulant to you so splurge in velvet fabric for sofas, thick carpets with mysterious patterns and metallic furniture with textured surface.

Spacious Interiors – Sagittarius

Although Sagittarians make loyal friends and lovers, they refuse to be tied down in commitment while chasing philosophical pursuits. A world traveler, Sagittarius is a born entertainer.Your nomadic instincts can be calmed down with a spacious home that has a rooftop or an outdoor with a panoramic view. A showcase or a feature wall to display the memories of your travels and adventure is your best bet. With your flair for literature and learning new languages, you may well
wanna boast a well-designed bookshelf. Pick any colour from the sunset palette for your living room
and bedroom. Electronics are a turn on for archer. Keep changing the décor and furnishings of your
living room regularly to break the monotony.

Classy & Stable Furniture – Capricorn

This philosophical sign is highly intelligent and practical. You strive to maintain stability and order besides achieving your goals by purposeful, systematic means.
You prefer firm couches and sturdy table that look stylish and artistic. Consider creating a chic work
space in the living room to satisfy the resourceful, hard-working, persistent goat in you. The spectrum of hues suitable for your personality ranges from earthy tones such as classy blue to brown; burgundy, gold to rust-orange. You take pride in your house but don’t show off. Flamboyance is not for you.

Artistic, Bohemian & Spiritual – Aquarius

Simple and unassuming, the Aquarians achieve their goals in surprisingly effective way. Aquarians will take up any cause, and are humanitarians of the zodiac. They are often quite artistic and poetic.
Your living room houses all your gadgets and gizmos. You may want to flaunt a piece of abstract painting on one of your walls. Glass and plastic material, mini water fountains, foldable furniture and multifunctional couches tend to delight Aquarians. Light and iridescent shades of violet are your best bet for furnishing. For your spiritual bent of mind, you may consider designing a corner for inner reflection.

Elegant & Aesthetic Furnishing – Pisces

Pisceans prefer to keep an extremely low profile compared to others in the zodiac. They are honest, selfless and trustworthy. They express divine in fine arts, music or dance. This star sign is gentle and generous. You feel at home with iridescent shades, moss green, pearly hues, pure pink, sky blue and ocean green. Bright and audacious is not for Pisces. You love to have cosy and clean homes designed with elegant furniture. You may want to have some shelves, storage units, a table around so the clutter goes in. Your home is all about aesthetics. Exquisite rugs, brocade curtains and cosy sofas are sure to comfort you. Many of you may fancy luxurious bathroom, so it makes sense to design a beautiful bathtub, if the size of your bathroom allows you to do so.


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